Amazing Spider-Man

Why Spider Man Is Marvel’s Original Gangster

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Fellix Lyu


Before we get into the whole “who’s better” arguments, let’s just discuss the topic of how Spider-man even came to be. Spider-man was never intentionally supposed to be made into a series.

Martin Goodman, publisher of Marvel comics and other publications, was concerned that readers would stray away from the concept of spiders. However, today Spiderman is one of the great figureheads of comic books, even having two rebooted films, three TV shows and multiple video games in the last two decades.



Jesus, how many of you are there?


What makes Spider-man so amazing? Why do we love him so much? If he and Spider-woman got together would his head get bitten off? So many questions…

One of the main reasons Peter Parker became so popular was because Spider-Man reflected so many elements into one comic book. As a reader, you see tragedy and drama…

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