spider-man uses science April 07

The Amazing Spider-Man Uses Science – Part 3

Ace photographer Peter Parker is on assignment taking pictures at a celebrity public fundraiser for the New York Public Library for the Daily Bugle.  Eager to impress Mary Jane, Peter uses his press pass to get back stage to try and meet Captain America.  As soon as he gets backstage  to meet Cap he hears a loud crash and screams.  It’s The Shocker! And he’s stealing all of the charity money!  It’s up to Spidey to stop him.  Spider-Man leaps into action and uses a healthy dose of science and some misdirection to put the squeeze on this padded freak.

spider man uses science

spider man uses science

spider man uses science

spider-man vs. shocker 4

spider man uses sciencespider-man uses science

From: The Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #335 (1990)