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DC announced the lineup of the first week of eight-page stories

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“Doomed” (Written by Scott Lobdell with Art by Javier Fernandez)
“Convergence: Superman” #2

Reiser is just like every other college student — he worries about his grades, family, friends, girls, battling the Alpha Centurion in the streets of Metropolis as a Doomsday-infected monster…

“Earth 2: Society” (Written by Daniel H. Wilson with Art by Jorge Jimenez)
“Convergence: Justice League” #2

The heroes of this new Earth battle over a mysterious device that could remake their old world or destroy the new one!

“Green Arrow” (Written by Ben Percy with Art by Patrick Zircher)
“Convergence: Speed Force” #2

The series takes a more macabre tone, as Oliver Queen faces off against a murderous trucker in Alaska before he is called home by his half-sister Emiko (from the Jeff Lemire run) to help her save Seattle from nefarious forces.

“Green Lantern” (Written by Robert Venditti with Art by Billy Tan)
“Convergence: The…

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