Amazing Spider-Man

Review: Spider-Woman #6

I need to pick these up but I have so much backlog already…



The recently rebooted Spider-Woman continues in much the same vein as it began; it is pleasant enough and a light diversion, but the central characterisation of Jessica is uneven and the humour can be repetitive. This isn’t a bad comic book by any means, but it isn’t an especially strong one either. Fans of the creative team or Spider-Woman may get more out of it, but so far this is a little too lacklustre for my liking.

Spider-Woman #6 Cover


This is far from a ‘bad’ book, the writing is perfectly good, the plot has some interesting ideas, and the art is enjoyable. However, it has so far failed to come together in a satisfying way and coming as it does in the midst of a wonderful upsurge in brilliantly crafted new books it is pretty clear that being just good enough is simply not good enough any more. On some level this…

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