Amazing Spider-Man

Reed Richards talks about Spider-Man’s black “costume”. 


From Amazing Spider-Man vol.1 #259 (1984)

I always liked this issue.  It’s not a particularly action packed issue as the meat of the story deals with Mary Janes life (told in flash back sequences) prior to really getting know Peter. MJ and Peter walk through Central Park and she tells him about her father running out on her, her mom and sister Gayle.  The tale continues with MJ and crew going to live with her moms stern but fair cousin, Gayle getting married and pregnant just after high school graduation (and after a second baby Gayles husband cracks under the stress of being a pre-law student and an 18 year old father of two boys) and her mothers gradual (but fast) decline in health. 

Interspersed in Mary Janes backstory is the Hobgoblin who, in his usually villainous ways, is causing havoc around town.  Then, in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, this little conversation between Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic and Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk (who is, at the time, a member of the Fantastic Four) is dropped in where Reed is discussing the capabilities and abilities of this strange article of “clothing” Spider-Man brought back at the conclusion of the first Secret Wars. 

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