ultimate universe secret wars battleworld manhattanSecret Wars

Secret Wars – Battleworld Maps

If you are reading and thoroughly engrossed in Secret Wars like I am, keeping up with the locations of all the characters and where they are within battleworld can be kind of tricky.  So this is the Battleworld map that is featured at the end of Secret Wars #2 complete with legend to show the layout of the entire world.  I’ll keep it updated and near the top as new issues come out and provide links next to the locations (underneath the maps) that show where the issues take place in relation to each other.  I’ll do the best I can because some issues take place in multiple locations (Like issue #2 which starts in Doomgard, then moves to Bar Sinister, then moves to The Shield, then moves to an undisclosed location, only known as “the Schism”) or reference multiple locations but don’t (or haven’t) show them(yet).  I hope you enjoy Secret Wars as much as I do!marvel secret wars battleworld map

  1. Greenland – Planet Hulk
  2. Dystopia
  3. Domain of Apocalypse
  4. Egyptia
  5. Technopolis
  6. Valley of Doom
  7. Spider-Island
  8. The Regency
  9. King James England
  10. Wierdworld
  11. K’un Lun – Master of Kung-Fu #1
  12. Utopolis
  13. New Mars
  14. Doomgard – The Thor Corps.
  15. Higher Avalon
  16. Arachnia
  17. Marville
  18. The Eye of Agamotto
  19. Doomstadt
  20. Manhattan
    1. Attilan
    2. Manhattan – Earth 616 (Marvel Universe)
    3. Manhattan – Earth 1610 (Ultimate Universe)
    4. Monster Metropolis (below Manhattan – Earth 616)
  21. The City
  22. The Warzone
  23. New Quack City
  24. The Far East
  25. Valley of Flame
  26. The Hydra Empire
  27. 2099
  28. Hala Field
  29. The Monarchy of M
  30. Sentinel Territories
  31. The Wastelands
  32. Mutopia
  33. Westchester
  34. Killville
  35. Arcadia – A-Force #1
  36. Bar Sinister
  37. Limbo
  38. The Deadlands
  39. Perfection
  40. New Xandar
  41. The Shield
  42. Deadpool (location unknown – somewhere on the surface in 1984)

ultimate universe secret wars battleworld manhattan

  1. Nelson & Murdock
  2. New Ultimates Hideout
  3. Avengers Mansion
  4. Baxter Building
  5. Baxter Building [Earth-1610]
  6. Sanctum Sanctorum
  7. Stark Towers
  8. Triskelion ferry

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