June 26


Silver Surfer: The Herald of Galactus 

 silver surfer, norrin radd, galactus  silver surfer, norrin radd, galactus  silver surfer, norrin radd, galactus    


The Destroyer of Worlds. 

Driven by an unending hunger only fed by the unbridled energy of life sustaining planets. 

Imagine a hunger that large. Try to imagine the mind that could process that unending, ceaseless need.  Or the conscience that could exist to snuff the spark of all living things. 

I am his herald. 

His seeker. 

I will not allow him to devour cultures… societies…life. 
I find dead worlds upon which my master feasts. 

Worlds like this are ideal: mausoleums to cultures millennia-gone. 

There is infernal algebra at play in my mind always. The price that his hunger demands to be paid is never paid easily. 

I sail the cosmic winds finding these rare gems in his name. 

He is sublime. 

He is awe and terror. 

And I am his ambassador. 


I sense something…

Somewhere out there…

Powerful and alive…

On the edge of my consciousness I sense a great source of energy that could feed him for ages. 

And I am away. 

For my master must feast…and everything must, someday, surely die. 

I am the Silver Surfer. 

I am the Herald of Galactus. 

I do not wish to be the herald of death.