Colleen Wing

Luke Cage attacks Colleen Wing

Colleen Wing first appeared in Marvel Premiere #19 (November 1974), and was created by Doug Moench and Larry Hama.

Colleen’s father is Professor Lee Wing, a teacher of Asian history and culture at New York’s Columbia University. Her mother was an unnamed Japanese woman, whose ancestors were samurai and daimyo. Colleen’s late maternal grandfather, Kenji Ozawa, was the head of Japan’s secret service, and has been succeeded in that position by his brother.

Colleen grew up in the northern regions of Japan, more specifically in the mountains of Honshu. She was raised by her grandfather Kanji. The reason for that is because Colleen’s mother was killed apparently very early in her childhood. Her grandfather taught her the ways of the samurai, in which she later became very skilled.

Professor Wing learned from a monk who had been to the other-dimensional realm of K’un-L’un that a young warrior, Iron Fist, would come from that land to seek vengeance on his father’s killer, who was now based in New York (Iron Fist finally chose not to take the life of his father’s murderer.) Professor Wing calculated when Iron Fist would come to New York and sent Colleen to meet him.  Professor Wing and Colleen befriended Iron Fist, and Colleen has acted as his ally in many of his exploits.

Years later, Colleen went back to New York City to visit her father there. Upon arrival, she got caught in a gun battle by the local Manhattan police and some thugs. Luckily, she was rescued by officer Misty Knight who eventually became her best friend. Later, Knight’s right arm was severely injured by a bomb explosion and was amputated. Colleen encouraged Knight to rise above her depression and return to an active role in life. Knight’s right arm was replaced with a bionic steel arm.


Able to focus her chi to perform exceptional feats of strength, and to enter a Zen trance which allows her to speed healing, burn out foreign poisons in her system and resist temperature extremes. Colleen is skilled in the ways of the samurai. She is an accomplished martial artist and detective.

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