October Update

Hey everybody! Dan here. Sorry about the infrequent updates, I’ve been traveling a lot for work this past September, plus I got engaged! Yep, I’m about to be a married man! Not until next year, but still.  Anyway the dust from September is finally beginning to settle, Secret Wars #6 is FINALLY out and Netflix’s Jessica Jones is right around the corner in November. Exciting times up ahead!

Future updates for the site will include more VS. battles and with the onslaught of comic book movies and TV shows on the horizon (Batman V Superman, Supergirl, Captain America, etc.), I would like to get some backstories up as well so you will be all prepared when those movies and TV shows come out.

Please drop a comment and let me know if there are any battles you would like to see and I’ll go through my archives and see if I have it.  Since my fiance has moved in, we have been reorganizing my house (uh, excuse me, OUR house)  to accommodate all of her furniture and  I have been furiously scanning all my comics that I have been purchasing for the past 30 years onto my hard drives for easy access and to clear out some boxes in the storage room.  So far we are at 1.5 TB of storage used and counting. And no i’m not getting rid of anything, they are going to a high security location somewhere near NORAD 🙂

Another update I would like to get live as soon as possible is a visual menu to the “VS. BATTLES” page. Right now, it’s just a list of hyperlinks and my vision for that is to change the list format into picture thumbnails.  It’s a fairly easy process to create the thumbnails, it just takes forever, especially when i’m adding new stuff.

Thanks for reading and coming back to support the site.  In October we hit over 37,000 total views since I launched the site in March 2015.  That’s a hair over 4,600 views a month!  I never thought I would get over 20 a month so this is awesome!  I’m super excited to see where this site is at this time next year.


Thank you all for stopping by, I love each one of your faces and hopefully we can talk soon!


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