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REVIEW Jessica Jones S1E3: AKA It’s Called Whiskey

In another solid character building episode, we see Jess and Luke bump uglies several times! Full on bed smashing, sweaty coitus!

Sweet Christmas indeed.

We get more screen time with the recurring characters in this episode.  Carrie Ann Moss’ Jeri Hogarth, looks amazing (and a whole heck of a lot like Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood from House of Cards) is working her damndest to get Hope free from prison while dealing with the issue of an estranged wife.

It’s interesting to note that we learn that The Purple Man’s abilities can be suppressed by anesthesia, specifically Sufentanil and Jessica hatches a plan to deliver a dose and knock him out for good.  It’s interesting to note that in New Avengers #3, the Purple Man who was heavily sedated prior to a mass super villain escape was not able to extend his mind control for very long over a stressed out Luke Cage.

Luke Cage vs. Purple Man

Luke Cage vs. Purple Man

Luke Cage vs. Purple Man

Luke Cage vs. Purple Man

Patsy shows off her Krav Maga skills to Jessica and boy those skills will come in handy sooner rather than later because our boy Killgrave is at it again.  After being insulted by Patsy on her radio show, Killgrave sends his newest henchman and our newest recurring character, Sgt. Will Simpson played by Wil Traval.  SGT. Simpson, under the control of Killgrave manages to trick his way into Patsy apartment soundly beating her down before Jessica shows up to save the day.  Jessica follows Simpson back to Kilgraves lair and stumbles upon his creepy room that is set up as an homage to Jones herself.

jessica jones zebediah killgrave

The Purple Man’s creepy hideout

In his lair we finally get a really good look as David Tenant.  I really like they how they portray Purple Man in this show.  He’s not the purple skinned weirdo from the comics, he’s more like a semi suave European huckster.  A man who without powers would be as nondescript as the rest of us.  But given the ability to control other people, well, he turns into a real dick head.

Fending off another attacker, Jessica manages to save a still mind controlled Simpson by faking a roof dive/garbage pile landing getting him far enough away from Kilgraves control to snap him out of it.

The binge watching continues….

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