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REVIEW Jessica Jones S1E4: AKA 99 Friends

In this episode we get more backstory on Trish and her past “Patsy” persona (noting that her mom “blew half the jury” to make sure she got an acting award. Ew.) and the results of insulting Killgrave live on the radio.   Last episode Killgrave sent Simpson to her apartment to end her life and now both she and Jessica know that they could be watched by anyone at any time.  Simpson, apparently free of Kilgraves control for the time being, returns to Patsy apartment and upon seeing her alive is utterly confused on how he could do such a thing.

To get some of the heat off of them and hopefully calm the ire of the Purple Man, Trish is forced to go on live radio and offer a knee bending apology.  Having to apologize to a man as disgusting and depraved as Killgrave has to be utterly demeaning but hey, it’s better than being convinced against your will to jump off a roof or something equally as ridiculous.

Meanwhile, Jeri has been gathering clients/witnesses who have been a thrall to Killgrave and it’s clear that some people are making stuff up and some people have stories that are clearly horrific.

On a more humorous note, we see Jessica reference the MCU at large after being snookered into a trap by a client who claimed to be looking for her cheating husband.  In a room trashing scene almost as great as Citizen Kane, Jessica states that she lost count at 99 “gifted” individuals who live in that borough alone, “And they all hate attempted murder”.

Insert smiley face here.

Such a nice touch on the MCU that it just makes me love this show even more.

Finally, its revealed that Malcolm is the photographer was satisfying because we now start to see what his purpose is on the show

That’s my brief review of Episode 4.  I’ve already finished my binge watching session last Sunday, so now I’m just playing catch up with the reviews.  So stay tuned for more!

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