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REVIEW Jessica Jones S1E6: AKA You’re A Winner!

Oh man s!@$ is getting real now.  We found out that Hope hired her own cellmate to beat her up because she was pregnant with Kilgraves baby.  As you probably have already surmised, she purposely got beaten to force an abortion.  The show has really taken a dark turn and is starting to turn up the heat.  It’s really a credit to the writing and direction because they are clearly not shying away from presenting that Killgrave is a disgusting rapist and that when backed into a corner, people will do anything they can to free themselves from the pain.

Killgrave has so utterly destroyed Hope’s life that it is almost inconceivable that anybody come back from this hell with any modicum of sanity. Hope states powerfully and in a way that will sure to stir the belief system and reactions of many a viewer, “I want to live.  I want to have children.  But I won’t give life to this thing.” We can infer from this that Hope is beaten physically, emotionally and psychologically but not broken.

Continuing on into the episode Jeri, the lawyer who has Jessica on retainer and played by Carrie Ann Moss has given a Hope a pill to kill the fetus, decides that she is going to keep the fetus for herself.  She wants to keep the fetus because she wants to replicate Killgraves powers herself.

At this point in episode 6, I’m starting to see the dark undercurrent that runs through all these characters.  These are all dark, twisted individuals who have had to make some tough decisions to ensure their very survival.  It gives everybody such emotional depth that it makes other superhero television shows pale in comparison.  (Supergirl I’m looking at you.)

Luke Cage returns to the show with a case for Jessica. It’s a case that takes a turn for the worst for our heroine when Luke tells Jess that she is a piece of s#!% for killing his wife and having sex with him. Not only is it an especially harsh criticism for Jessica because she was either partially or fully under the control of Killgrave, it’s devastating because she may just be falling for him.

But before we see this, we are treated to a pretty cool fight scene in a criminal marijuana distribution center where Luke takes on two dogs and a room full of henchman that he gets to slap around for a while.  He even utters his trademark, “Sweet Christmas!” upon entering the room.  Straight up fan service right there and I’m eating it all up.

jessica jones luke cage

Jessica tells Luke what happened to his wife.

Finally, Killgrave continues to be a Creepy McCreeperson as he offers to buy a seemingly random house in the suburbs.  It’s interesting to note that he did not use his powers of persuasion and made it a legit sale.  But why?  Minutes later we see that the house Killgrave chose was not random at all, but was Jessica Jones’ childhood home.

What’s he got planned?

We’ll find out next episode.

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