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Thoughts on the NEW “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” Trailer


It seems that this trailer has divided the internet once again.  Some folks don’t like Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, saying that his attitude is a little to flippant and voice a little too annoying.  I totally get that, I don’t really care for his voice too much either.  Especially after growing up on Gene Hackman as Lex in the 70’s/early/late 80’s and Clancy Brown III in the 90’s-2000’s.


Others are saying that they gave away the entire movie by showing Doomsday and B,S & W becoming the Super-Friends to do battle together.

On one hand I can agree that WB may have blown their wad just a tiny bit, especially after the stellar trailers of Captain America: Civil War and Star Wars: The Force Awakens last week.  It’s kind of true, this trailer does reek of desperation, however keep in mind my fellow fanboys and fangirls that this is only 170 seconds of disjointed images set to music.  You want to see a trailer that gave away the whole movie? Take a look here.

We still need to see more of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex.  We don’t know why or how he becomes bald yet or if he is bald from the beginning and that is just one bad merkin stuck to the top of his dome.  Perhaps he will have a character altering moment that will add a sinister layer to his character.  We just don’t know yet.

In the few seconds we see of Doomsday, he does look like a little like a Ninja Turtle.  I think he looks more like The Abomination from The Incredible Hulk. 


abomination doomsday

See for yourself.

I am still holding on to hope that there is much, much more to this movie than a poorly edited one hour finale of punching, kicking, flying, splosions and crumbling buildings.  I am holding on to hope that Zack Snyder hired a better editor after Man of Steel.  I am holding on to hope that Zack Snyder actually put a coherent narrative into this movie and not just trivial drivel that serves as a place holder before the next face punch.

Please, Zack Snyder.



See the Batman V Superman:Dawn of Justice Comic-Con trailer here along with more stills from the movie!



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