Galactus devours the Skrull Throne World December 30


Galactus devours The Skrull Throne-World

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From: Fantastic Four Vol. 1 #257 (1983)

On the Skrull throneworld, Empress R’Klll chastises her subordinates for failing to erect the planetary screen that has been previously used to hide their world from Galactus in the past. However one of her aides tells him that there was no hiding their planet from Nova, who seemed to see their planet even with the screen up.

R’Klll is joined by her daughter Princess Anelle who asks what is going on. R’Klll informs her that it is the end of their world. Even as she speaks, Galactus arrives on the surface of the Skrull planet. Shrugging off his attackers, Galactus then sinks into the core of the planet, turning into a bubling cauldron of death that consumes all life and decimates the entire planet. With his hunger sated, Galactus goes into a deep slumber, leaving Nova to collect him up and return him to his ship.