Black Panther

Black Panther vs. Kraven the Hunter (Black Panther, The Man Without Fear #519)

 Matt Murdock (A.K.A. The vigilante known called Daredevil) has left the New York City neighborhood known as Hell’s Kitchen in the care of his longtime ally T’Challa, the former Black Panther and king of Wakanda. After stepping down from his rule and suffering the loss of powers once granted to him by the Panther God, T’Challa seeks to rediscover himself on the streets of Manhattan, refusing the help of his many friends and family.

Recently, T’Challa took down the rising crime lord Vlad Dinu, though many innocents on both sides were hurt in the conflict. Tying up loose ends, T’Challa now searches for his former employee Brian, who was left wandering the streets after being lobotomized and altered by a rouge super-powers experiment, unaware that the scientist involved has already hired Kraven the Hunter to find Brian first…  

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  1. So Kraven the hunter a enhanced superhuman foe of Spider-Man has trouble with a Black Panther who is depowered, without tech and just happens to be drugged??? Wow the nerfing is strong with this one.


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