Daredevil vs. Elektra 

When Matt Murdock was a kid, he lost his sight in a accident involving a truck carrying radioactive chemicals. Though he could no longer see, the chemicals heightened Murdock’s other senses and imbued him with an amazing 360-radar sense. Now Matt uses his abilities to fight for his city. 
In the months since his return to New York, the former defense attorney has not only become a prosecutor for the city of New York, he’s also somehow managed to regain his secret identity and erase any prior public knowledge that he is in fact Daredevil. 

With a new lease on life – and the help of his protégé Blindspot – the Man Without Fear now protects his city with complete autonomy. And while everything seems to be going well, the past has a way of catching up. 

From: Daredevil #6 (2016)

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