Daredevil #7Daredevil

Elektra tells Daredevil about her daughter.

When Matt Murdock was a kid, he lost his sight in an accident involving a truck carrying radioactive chemicals.  Though he could no longer see, the chemicals heightened Murdock’s other senses and imbued him with a 360-radar sense.  Now Matt uses his abilities to fight for his city.  He is the MAN WITHOUT FEAR.  He is Daredevil.

In the months since his return to New York, former defense attorney Matt Murdock has not only become a prosecutor for the city of New York, he’s also somehow managed to hide his dual identity and erase any prior public knowledge that he is in fact, Daredevil.


But when Murdock’s past paramour, the deadly assassin Elektra, showed up in Hell’s Kitchen with a score to settle, the Man Without Fear was forced to face the true cost of regaining his secret identity…

Writer – Charles Soule

Artist – Matteo Buffgani

Color Artist -Matt Milla

Cover Artist – Bill Sienkiewicz














From: Daredevil #7 (2016)

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