Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-Man & X-Force vs. The Juggernaut (Spider-Man #16, 1991)

This was an interesting issue. It makes the end of Todd McFarlane’s run on Spider-Man. He transitioned from The Amazing Spider-Man to this comic which was simply named… Spider-Man. Todd was given something that is almost unheard of in Marvel Comics these days; creative free reign over the story, art and inks to create his ongoing series of Spidey adventures. The result, in my opinion was a pretty good run of Spider-Man stories.

This “sideways” issue shows Spider-Man teaming up with X-Force against The Juggernaut who is rampaging through downtown NYC.

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  1. man look at how this was drawn…the artwork is crazy! I have to admit, I really do like a lot of the comics that were done back in the 90’s simply because of how it was illustrated.


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