The Savage Dragon vs. Cutthroat and Glowbug

One of my favorite comics from the early 90’s was (and still is) The Savage Dragon. TSD was born from Erik Larsen,one of the most prolific artists of the time at Marvel Comics. Erik, along with Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefield, Jim Lee and a host of others jumped ship from Marvel where they felt like they were being creatively stifled and created Image Comics.

There, their creations would be their own and each persons destiny would be in his own hands. The studio went on to produce some classic (and not so classic) titles like: Spawn, Youngblood, The Maxx, Wild C.A.T.S., Trencher, Nighthawk and Cyberforce.

The Dragon from Savage Dragon is a large, green humanoid with a 10 inch fin protruding from his head. He has super strength and an enhanced healing factor (on par with Wolverines). He is a master of several forms of hand to hand combat and is highly proficient with several small arms including, but not limited to, police/military issue weapons and night sticks, assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, rocket/grenade launchers, military grade explosives, knives/bladed weapons, baseball bats, clubs and various other improvised devices.

Dragon is an amnesiac. His first memory is waking up in a burning field with no memory of his name or how he got there. Yet when questioned, he was able to answer several current event and pop culture related questions. He also retained his combat prowess and demonstrated it by firing off six shots from a police revolver and each bullet striking the exact same spot on the paper target leaving only one hole.

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