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Thor: Above this world are free men and women fighting for their people throughout this galaxy.

This who would die before yielding their liberty to yoke.

Are you a free man Ronan?

Ronan the Accuser: Yes.

Thor: And there are other men and women here as well? Those who would stand and be counted? Those who would fight until they fall or are victorious?

Ronan the Accuser: There are.

Thor: Then call them out…

There is a battle waiting for the righteous.

From: Infinity (2013) #4 of 6

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The Unworthy Thor vs. Black Swan, Proxima Midnight and The Collector (The Unworthy Thor)

Ahh it feels good to be posting about The Odinson once again. Thor and Beta Ray Bill are my two favorite characters in the Marvel Universe and I’m glad they are reunited in The Unworthy Thor. For those who haven’t been following, The Unworthy Thor picks up after the death of The Watcher and the […]

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Table of Contents A-Force (6) Alpha Flight (2) abilities (5) acts of vengeance (8) Adam Warlock (2) Adamantium (1) Advertising (1) All New X-Men (2) Amazing Spider-Man (54) Cosmic Spider-Man (8) Spectacular Spider-Man (9) Web of Spider-Man (7) Angela (3) animated (1) Ant-Man (8) apocalypse (5) aquaman (1) Mera (1) Ares God of War (2) […]

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In the most awesome displays of fandom I have ever seen Imgur user AZYD created this astounding montage of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe in .gif format.  Truly, truly, truly amazing collection here.  See the link below to the original imgur post and AZYD’s profile is here to thank him personally for these creations. via The Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline in 40 GIFs – Album on Imgur.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline in 40 GIFs

I love Marvel and gifs and (generally) so does imgur, so here we go! Btw, this gif doesn’t count since it’s not explaining anything and 41 is less fun for the title.
The timeline includes every movie and tv show up through Age of Ultron (May 2015). *SPOILER ALERT* for all the movies, but I tried to keep the tv spoilers vague.
P.S. If you like timelines and/or Doctor Who, you may want to check out River Song’s Timeline (JPEGs for all you gif-haters)

The Big Bang and the Infinity Stones

The Big Bang and the Infinity Stones

There are lots of resources out there about the Infinity Stones (or Gems). The only thing really clear in the movies is that there are six of them, formed around the time of the creation of the Universe, and each is extremely powerful.
Side note: in the comics, The Collector (shown here explaining the stones to the Guardians of the Galaxy) is an Elder of the Universe and has been alive for literally billions of years, so he actually fits at this point of the timeline too.

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