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December 05

The Hulk can survive inside a fusion reactor. 


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August 25

What Wolverine feels before his berserker takes over

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batman fighting skill May 17

3 Times Batman Has Been Outnumbered and Won.

This thread is basically specific references to the sheer number of times Batman has been outnumbered in a brawl and used his wits and fighting ability to get himself out of some pretty hairy situations. 1. Shadow of the Bat #4 Batman beats down nearly all of his rouges gallery including The Joker.

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April 21

Daredevil’s equipment and abilities explained.

A brief explanation of Daredevils equipment and abilities.

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April 02

Uncanny Inhumans #0: Black Bolt. How powerful is he?

Black Bolt reaches the door to Kang’s hall and speaks again. This time barely above a whisper he says, “Open”. The focused blast hits the door, but inexplicably, the door is not shattered. Instead, through whatever time distortion defenses Kang has going on in that weird castle of his, the energy of the blast is redirected through time, back to 1908, thus creating the Tunguska Event in Siberia.

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