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The Hulk can survive inside a fusion reactor. 



What Wolverine feels before his berserker takes over

Wolverine Berserker Wolverine Berserker

batman fighting skill

3 Times Batman Has Been Outnumbered and Won.

This thread is basically specific references to the sheer number of times Batman has been outnumbered in a brawl and used his wits and fighting ability to get himself out of some pretty hairy situations.

1. Shadow of the Bat #4

Batman beats down nearly all of his rouges gallery including The Joker.

batman fighting skill

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Uncanny Inhumans #0: Black Bolt. How powerful is he?

How powerful is Black Bolt really?

I was just reading the new Uncanny Inhumans #0 and noticed something pretty interesting.  Black Bolt is searching for his son and comes across a fortified castle inhabited by Kang the Conqueror.  Kang’s battlement defenses are composed of archers, artillery-men and soldiers from different eras.  All of them raining down hell on Black Bolt who is semi-casually flying through the hail of bullets, bombs and arrows.

black bolt flying

Then, he speaks.

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