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Adam Warlock tells Thanos that he can never wrest power because he knows deep down his soul isn’t worthy of ultimate power.

From: Infinity Gauntlet

adam warlock and the in-betweener

Adam Warlock seeks answers from The In-Betweener

adam warlock and the in-betweener

adam warlock and the in-betweener

adam warlock and the in-betweener

adam warlock and the in-betweener

From: Infinity Entity #2 (2016)


Adam Warlock was created by Earth scientists as an artificial, “perfect” human.  For some time, he explored the cosmos, occasionally allying himself with heroes such as the Infinity Watch and the Guardians of the Galaxy.  He had a dark side, however — and eventually, in order to prevent his evil self, The Magus, from permanently taking over, he convinced Star-Lord to kill him.

Recently, the Adam Warlock of an alternate reality was reborn in this reality with the help of Thanos, who has been both an ally and enemy over the years.  This alternate reality Adam was reborn with vast power and knowledge, as he contained the energy of his former reality within him — but he did not realize the full extent of his new powers.

Most recently, he assisted Thanos and the Guardians of the Galaxy in their attempt to thwart Annihilus from taking over the universe.  But Annihilus banished Thanos to an empty void, the severely wounded Guardians were forced to retreat, and Warlock was taken prisoner… Until he found himself floating in unfamiliar space, lacking memories and desperate for answers.

Thanos Infinity Gems

Adam Warlock tells how Thanos stole the Infinity Stones

adam warlock and thanos

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