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Spider-Man Homecoming December 07

Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer Tease

  Tomorrow, Spider-Man comes home. Tune in to @JimmyKimmelLive for a first look at the #SpiderManHomecoming trailer. — Spider-Man (@SpiderManMovie) December 7, 2016   Set your watches people!  New trailer tomorrow!   Oh and here’s a new promo picture! Spider-Man: Homecoming is an upcoming American superhero film featuring the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man, produced […]

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Featured Image -- 8340 October 12

Review: The Clone Conspiracy #1

Originally posted on Graphic Policy:
The Jackal is back and has conquered death. The Amazing Spider-Man is outmatched by his classic enemy’s army. Does the wall-crawler stand a chance? SHOULD he stand in The Jackal’s way if he’s found the key to eternal life? Marvel‘s next Spider-Man event kicks off here and when writer Dan…

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img_0562 April 28

Captain America vs Iron Man: The Final Battle (Civil War)

A Superhuman Registration Act has been passed which requires all individuals possessing paranormal abilities to register with the government. Those who do not register are considered criminals. Some heroes, such as Iron Man, see this as a natural evolution of the role of super-humans in society and a reasonable request. But Captain America has gathered […]

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img_0515 April 26

Captain America: Civil War TV Spot #30- More Spider-Man!

  We are just 10 days away from the worldwide premier of Captain America Civil War and it looks like Marvel is pulling out all the stops.  In this latest trailer we are treated to more Spider-Man and from what it sounds like, he will be the wise-cracking, quick-witted web slinger we know from the […]

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img_0295-1 April 06

Iron Man vs. The Amazing Spider-Man (Civil War)


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img_0729-1 April 06

The Road to Civil War: Captain America vs Iron Man  Power Comparison Infographic. 

In preparation for Captain America: Civil War, I started working on this special little project. I’ve been working on this for a few days and this is my first attempt at making an infographic.  Let me know what you think in the comments below!  Was it informative? A jumbled mess? Perfect? I’d love to hear your comments.

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Tom Holland Spider-Man March 10

Captain America III – Civil War Official Trailer #2 

Be still my heart…

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The Amazing Spider-Man vs. Hobgoblin March 06

The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Hobgoblin (The Amazing Spider-Man #239)

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The Amazing Spider-Man vs. Tarantula #233 March 06

The Amazing Spider-Man vs. Tarantula (Amazing Spider-Man #233)

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The Amazing Spider-Man & Daredevil vs. Blackheart (Daredevil #270 1989) March 05

The Amazing Spider-Man & Daredevil vs. Blackheart (Daredevil #270 1989)

From: Daredevil #270 1989

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img_9974-1 March 03

Spider-Man & The Amazing Spider-Man vs. Blackheart (Spider-Man #2)

           From: Spider-Man #2

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Marvel's Hip-Hop Variant cover February 04

Marvel’s Hip Hop Variant Covers

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img_9742-2 February 03

The Amazing Spider-Man vs. Cloak and Dagger 

 From: The Amazing Spider-Man #7    

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Spider-Man vs. Hydro Man January 01

The Amazing Spider-Man vs. Hydro Man (1981)

From: The Amazing Spider-Man V.1 #212 (1981)

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New Avengers Night Nurse January 01

Who is the Night Nurse?

Night Nurse is the name of a Marvel Comics comic-book series published in the early 1970s, as well the alter ego of a fictional character, Linda Carter, known for her willingness to help injured superheroes. Carter was one of three central characters created by writer Jean Thomas, who first appeared in Night Nurse #1 (November […]

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Cover December 23

“The Tailor” tells his story to Spider-Man

From: Amazing Spider-Man V.2 #61 Leo was a regular tailor, mending clothes and taking care of his grandson Mike after his son, who worked as a police officer, had been killed on duty. One day, the Thing walked in when his clothes had been burnt off by a fire-wielding villain, and he wanted to buy […]

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dcvsmarvel_03_25 December 16

DC vs. Marvel: The Amazing Spider-Man vs. Superboy

DC vs. Marvel Comics (issues #2–3 titled Marvel Comics vs. DC) was a comic book limited series crossover published by DC Comics (Detective Comics) and Marvel Comics from April to May 1996. The series was written by Ron Marz and Peter David, with art by Dan Jurgens and Claudio Castellini. Two godly brothers who personify […]

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image December 11

Amazing Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus

From: Spidey #1

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Amazing Spider-Man gets cosmic power October 18

Acts of Vengeance: Spidey goes cosmic!

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Amazing Spiderman 161-00fc October 18

The Amazing Spider-Man vs Nightcrawler 

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cosmic spider-man punches Hulk October 18

Acts of Vengeance: Cosmic Spider-Man punches The Hulk into orbit.

Amazing Spider-Man and Captain Universe’s Uni-Power Captain Universe is endowed with the Uni-Power, a sentient energy field that seeks out people in great peril and bonds with them. In another sense, it is every person–it is the potential for heroism that lives in each of us. When the Uni-Power chooses a partner, it endows that […]

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Secret Wars II August 29

Spider-Man potty trains The Beyonder (Secret Wars II, 1985)

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IMG_8600 August 06

The Silver Surfer Gives Mary Jane Watson Parker the Power Cosmic 


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IMG_7539 June 04

Amazing Spider-Man: Worst case scenario… (Secret Wars)


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Clone Thor vs. Bill Foster 1 May 21

Clone-Thor kills Bill Foster (Civil War)


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IMG_7239 May 21

Amazing.  Spectacular. (Civil War)

   From: Civil War #7

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marvel cinematic universe title card May 20

The Entire Marvel Cinematic Universe in 40 GIFS

In the most awesome displays of fandom I have ever seen Imgur user AZYD created this astounding montage of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe in .gif format.  Truly, truly, truly amazing collection here.  See the link below to the original imgur post and AZYD’s profile is here to thank him personally for these creations. via […]

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Featured Image -- 1863 May 15

Preview: SPIDER-VERSE #1

Originally posted on Taylor Network of Podcasts:
Written by: Mike Costa Art: Andre Araujo and Stephen Sanders Colors: Rachelle Rosenberg and Jim Campbell Cover art: Nick Bradshaw and Robbi Rodriguez Available May 20th, 2015 from Marvel Comics • Spinning out of the SPIDER-VERSE event, a team of Spiders finds themselves face-to-face with Battleworld! Starring SPIDER-GWEN, SPIDER-MAN NOIR, SPIDER-MAN: INDIA, MAYDAY PARKER, SPIDER-UK and…

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IMG_7176 May 15

Cap’s epic speech to Spider-Man during Civil War. 

Feeling the pressures of challenging the government and fighting for whats right, Peter asks Captain America how he handles the pressure. Cap gives an epic, epic answer.

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spider-man black suit May 11

The alien symboite attempts to bond with Spider-Man.

Seeking answers about his new mysterious black suit, Peter heads to the Baxter Building, home of the Fantastic Four, for some answers. He gets more than he bargains for…

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IMG_1037 May 11

Reed Richards talks about Spider-Man’s black “costume”. 

   From Amazing Spider-Man vol.1 #259 (1984) I always liked this issue.  It’s not a particularly action packed issue as the meat of the story deals with Mary Janes life (told in flash back sequences) prior to really getting know Peter. MJ and Peter walk through Central Park and she tells him about her father […]

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IMG_7078 May 07

Spider-Man throws Caps shield. 

                      Stumble It! From: All New Captain America Special #1 Inhuman Error Finale

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image May 05

The Amazing Spider-Man (Iron-Spider) vs. Captain America part II

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The Amazing Spider-Man vs. Captain America May 05

The Amazing Spider-Man vs. Captain America

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IMG_6689 April 14

The Amazing Spider-Man: Dinner at Aunt May’s


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New Avengers Dr. Strange vs. Dormmamu April 14

Dr. Strange vs. Dormmamu


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IMG_6679 April 14

Shuri “hires” The Avengers 

The new Black Panther needs to hire the Avengers to take on her arch-enemy, Klaw.

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Review: Spider-Woman #6

Originally posted on jaythreadbear:
Concise – The recently rebooted Spider-Woman continues in much the same vein as it began; it is pleasant enough and a light diversion, but the central characterisation of Jessica is uneven and the humour can be repetitive. This isn’t a bad comic book by any means, but it isn’t an especially strong…

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spider-man uses science April 07

The Amazing Spider-Man Uses Science – Part 3

Spider-Man uses science to defeat one of his long time foes… The Shocker

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The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Juggernaut April 01

The Amazing Spider-Man VS. The Juggernaut

One on one battle between the man who moves like a spider and the man who can’t be stopped.

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Featured Image -- 219 March 31

Why Spider Man Is Marvel’s Original Gangster

Originally posted on The Daily Ramen:
Fellix Lyu Co-Editor Before we get into the whole “who’s better” arguments, let’s just discuss the topic of how Spider-man even came to be. Spider-man was never intentionally supposed to be made into a series. Martin Goodman, publisher of Marvel comics and other publications, was concerned that readers would…

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smjjjcover March 31

Spider-Man Uses Science 2

Spider-Man and Jolly Jonah Jameson are trapped!  Bound together by a bomb, they desperately search for a way to unshackle themselves before the bomb explodes, or they kill each other first… Spider-Man comes up with a creative way to defuse the situation.                        Yay science!

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sm3 March 30

Spider-Man and Daredevil

Matt can’t quite put his finger on it, but something is off about Spider-Man when Peter tries to reveal his identity.

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Spider-Man science March 29

The Amazing Spider-Man Uses Science.

Spider-Man uses science to defeat some joker calling himself “The Shaker”. This jerkface has some kind of vibro-suit that causes massive vibrations that can repel or shake off just about anything, including Spidey’s adhesive qualities, as well as creating mini earthquakes and tremors. But brainless here has no idea what to do when he falls […]

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