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April 28

Captain America vs Iron Man: The Final Battle (Civil War)

A Superhuman Registration Act has been passed which requires all individuals possessing paranormal abilities to register with the government. Those who do not register are considered criminals. Some heroes, such as Iron Man, see this as a natural evolution of the role of super-humans in society and a reasonable request. But Captain America has gathered […]

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April 26

Captain America: Civil War TV Spot #30- More Spider-Man!

  We are just 10 days away from the worldwide premier of Captain America Civil War and it looks like Marvel is pulling out all the stops.  In this latest trailer we are treated to more Spider-Man and from what it sounds like, he will be the wise-cracking, quick-witted web slinger we know from the […]

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April 19

The “birth” of Captain America. 

      From: The Avengers #4 (1963)

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Tom Holland Spider-Man March 10

Captain America III – Civil War Official Trailer #2 

Be still my heart…

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ant man reviews July 23

Ant-Man Movie Reviews!

Beyond the Trailer (spoiler free) Beyond the Trailer  Collider Schmoes Know Clevver Movies (spoiler free) Black Nerd Comedy (spoiler free) Jeremy Jahns

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Ant-man Trailer April 13

Marvel’s Ant-Man full trailer

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April 10

‘Ant-Man’: First Official Image of Yellowjacket Released

‘Ant-Man’: First Official Image of Yellowjacket Released via ‘Ant-Man’: First Official Image of Yellowjacket Released. This suit (or a version of it) is the target of a heist mission put together by Scott and Hank. After Scott manages to steal the Ant-Man suit, Hank is so impressed by his skills that he proposes the idea of […]

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