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June 03

Does Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth Work on Batman?

Can Batman resist the golden lasso of truth?
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Batman feats January 13

Batman Feats: Batman can sense when he is being watched. ON THE MOON.

While investigate the strange appearance of a giant space explorer who crashed on the moon, Bruce somehow notices a minuscule spy drone watching them.  Notice that he ‘feels’ its presence through the vacuum of space and beyond his space suit before he actually sees it. From: Batman & Superman #28 (2015)

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batman fighting skill May 17

3 Times Batman Has Been Outnumbered and Won.

This thread is basically specific references to the sheer number of times Batman has been outnumbered in a brawl and used his wits and fighting ability to get himself out of some pretty hairy situations. 1. Shadow of the Bat #4 Batman beats down nearly all of his rouges gallery including The Joker.

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May 15

5 Feats of Batman

5 amazing feats of abilities Batman has displayed in his career.

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