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From: Wonder Woman Annual #1 (Rebirth) (2017)

Writer – Greg Rucka

Artist – Nicola Scott

Letters – Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Letters – Jodi Wayne

Batman feats

Batman Feats: Batman can sense when he is being watched. ON THE MOON.

Batman-Superman (2013-) 028-018 Batman-Superman (2013-) 028-019 Batman-Superman (2013-) 028-020

While investigate the strange appearance of a giant space explorer who crashed on the moon, Bruce somehow notices a minuscule spy drone watching them.  Notice that he ‘feels’ its presence through the vacuum of space and beyond his space suit before he actually sees it.

From: Batman & Superman #28 (2015)

batman fighting skill

3 Times Batman Has Been Outnumbered and Won.

This thread is basically specific references to the sheer number of times Batman has been outnumbered in a brawl and used his wits and fighting ability to get himself out of some pretty hairy situations.

1. Shadow of the Bat #4

Batman beats down nearly all of his rouges gallery including The Joker.

batman fighting skill

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5 Feats of Batman

5. Stealth

  • Batman remains hidden in the Watchtower for an hour without being detected by any of the members including Superman. He comments to himself, “gadget worked”, indicating that he has some type of device that can muffle his heartbeat even from Superman’s super hearing.

From:  JLA #1

batman uses stealthbatman uses stealth

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