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March 06

The Joker is rendered sane in The Lazarus Pit (Batman: Legends of The Dark Knight #145)

After being shot multiple times by Talia Al Ghul, Batman has to make the difficult decision to save The Jokers life.  The Dark Knight has to save his life in order to find where Ra’s Al Ghul and Talia have gone…. The Lazarus Pit has restorative capabilites, such has bringing the nearly dead back to […]

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ras al ghul lazarus pit March 05

Ra’s Al Ghul rises from the Lazarus Pit (Batman #243, 1972)

A Lazarus Pit is a natural phenomenon that possesses restorative properties that instantly heal injuries and even grant immortality. The origins of the Lazarus Pit were accidentally discovered by Ra’s al Ghul while digging a pit. There he discovered the restorative chemical pools while searching for a cure for a dying prince. Although the Lazarus […]

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