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537ba26276348 October 26

Black Panther 50th Anniversary – NYCC 2016 Panel Highlights

  In July 1966, Marvel Comics published Fantastic Four #54: a landmark issue featuring the first major super hero of color, the Black Panther. Born into the tumult of the 1960’s Civil Rights movement, Marvel’s Black Panther became an immediate inspirational and aspirational symbol to millions. Fifty years later, he has risen into a major […]

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Thanos Civil War II May 27

War Machine, Captain Marvel, She-Hulk and Black Panther vs. Thanos (Civil War II)

  From: Civil War II (Free Comic Book Day, May 2007) Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Artist: Jim Cheung Colorist:  Justin Ponsor  

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Civil War II # 0 May 27

Civil War II

Civil War II is an upcoming comic book crossover storyline published by Marvel Comics that is scheduled to debut in June 2016. It is the sequel to 2006’s “Civil War” and consists of an eight issue eponymous core limited series, by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artists Olivier Coipel, David Marquez and Justin Ponsor, and […]

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image May 14

The Incredible Hulk vs. The Human Torch, Storm and The Thing (World War Hulk)

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img_0515 April 26

Captain America: Civil War TV Spot #30- More Spider-Man!

  We are just 10 days away from the worldwide premier of Captain America Civil War and it looks like Marvel is pulling out all the stops.  In this latest trailer we are treated to more Spider-Man and from what it sounds like, he will be the wise-cracking, quick-witted web slinger we know from the […]

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img_0729-1 April 06

The Road to Civil War: Captain America vs Iron Man  Power Comparison Infographic. 

In preparation for Captain America: Civil War, I started working on this special little project. I’ve been working on this for a few days and this is my first attempt at making an infographic.  Let me know what you think in the comments below!  Was it informative? A jumbled mess? Perfect? I’d love to hear your comments.

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img_0260-1 April 05

Black Panther vs. Kraven the Hunter (Black Panther, The Man Without Fear #519)

 Matt Murdock (A.K.A. The vigilante known called Daredevil) has left the New York City neighborhood known as Hell’s Kitchen in the care of his longtime ally T’Challa, the former Black Panther and king of Wakanda. After stepping down from his rule and suffering the loss of powers once granted to him by the Panther God, […]

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Tom Holland Spider-Man March 10

Captain America III – Civil War Official Trailer #2 

Be still my heart…

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Wolverine 052-008_009 February 05

Black Panther & Wolverine vs. Sabertooth

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Marvel's Hip-Hop Variant cover February 04

Marvel’s Hip Hop Variant Covers

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Emma Frost December 29

Emma Frost tries to read The mind of the Black Panther. 

   From: Original Sin #4 of 8

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IMG_8404 July 20

Captain America uses the Infinity Gauntlet at the end of the world.

The Illuminati assembled after Black Panther discovered that another Earth was colliding with Earth-616. Reluctantly he called the Illuminati together to stop the collision. After long debate they decided that the only way to do so was to destroy the other Earth with the Infinity Gems, but had to find the Mind Gem that was in the possession of Charles Xavier before he died. Beast eventually recovered a memory implant put in his mind by Xavier, which asked him to take his place in the Illuminati, and where the gem was. As soon as Hank retrieved it, Namor, Black Bolt, and Captain America showed up and recruited him into their team.

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1130424-apocmessiahwar1 June 11

Black Bolt vs. Apocalypse 

Apocalypse is on a rampage in Wakanda. Black Panther calls in a favor to Blackagar Boltagon to help with the situation.

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IMG_7498 May 26

Black Panther: T’Challa avenges his father. 

Black Panther: T’Challa avenges his father. 

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IMG_7486-0 May 26

Black Panther: Klaw kills King T’Chaka


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IMG_7477 May 26

Black Panther: Who is the Black Panther?

Who is the Black Panther? His name is T’Challa. Son of T’Chaka. The Black Panther is the ruler of Wakanda. It’s a spiritually based warrior cult. Sort of like being Pope, President and Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff all at once. The Panther’s title is a hereditary title, but you still have to earn it.

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Black Panther #1 May 26

Black Panther: Where is Wakanda?

Wakanda is a fictional nation in the Marvel Universe. It is the most prominent of several fictional African nations in the Marvel Universe, and it is home to the superhero Black Panther.

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IMG_7176 May 15

Cap’s epic speech to Spider-Man during Civil War. 

Feeling the pressures of challenging the government and fighting for whats right, Peter asks Captain America how he handles the pressure. Cap gives an epic, epic answer.

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IMG_6679 April 14

Shuri “hires” The Avengers 

The new Black Panther needs to hire the Avengers to take on her arch-enemy, Klaw.

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