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Iron Fist vs. The X-Men October 02

Iron Fist vs. The X-Men

From: Iron Fist #15, 1977 Writer: Chris Claremont Artist: John Byrne Inker: Dan Green

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May 14

The Incredible Hulk vs. The X-Men (World War Hulk)


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mystique fights x-men April 10

The Uncanny X-Men vs. Mystique

From: Uncanny X-Men v.1  #177  (1984)

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uncanny x-men 112 April 10

The Uncanny X-Men vs. Magneto

From: Uncanny X-Men V.1 #112 (1978)

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Cyclops vs. Sentinels July 23

Why Cyclops is leader of the X-Men.

Why Cyclops is in charge of the X-Men.

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