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March 13

Emma Frost 💎and Dazzler ✨ vs. Black Bolt ⚡️

    From: Inhumans vs. X-Men #1

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May 27

War Machine, Captain Marvel, She-Hulk and Black Panther vs. Thanos (Civil War II)

  From: Civil War II (Free Comic Book Day, May 2007) Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Artist: Jim Cheung Colorist:  Justin Ponsor  

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March 03

 A-Force vs. Antimatter (A-Force #3)


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dazzler juggernaut February 24

Dazzler vs. The Juggernaut

From: Uncanny X-Men #217 (1987)

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Marvel's Hip-Hop Variant cover February 04

Marvel’s Hip Hop Variant Covers

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Dazzler and Galactus August 29

Galactus sends Dazzler into a black hole. (Days of Future Past)

Galactus sends Dazzler into a black hole to retrieve his herald….

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