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May 08

Who is Ego the Living Planet? 🌎

Who is Ego the Living Planet?  If you just watched Guardians of the Galaxy you know that Ego, played by Kurt Russell is Peter Quill aka Star Lord’s father.  In the comics he has a similar origin as he explains in the movie, except he is not the father of any of the superheroes in […]

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galactus tries to eat ego the living planet May 07

Can Galactus Eat Ego The Living Planet?

Galactus travels through space… The world devourer pauses when he detects the thoughts of a powerful creature and decides to seek out its source as his hunger is mounting once more. Taking a smaller craft, Galactus flies into the Black Galaxy and finds himself before Ego the Living Planet. While aboard the Rigellian flagship, Thor […]

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ego the living planet May 07

The Mighty Thor meets Ego the Living Planet!

Thor and the Recorder robot travel into the Black Galaxy and find that it is structured in an almost organic fashion, dubbed by the Recorder as a “Bio-Verse.” Following their navigation they come before Ego the living planet, who tells the two that it has been waiting for them.

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ego the living planet thor May 07

The Mighty Thor vs. Ego The Living Planet!

Thor and the Rigellian Recorder have traveled into the “Bio-Verse” where they meet Ego the Living Planet. Wanting to have a dialogue with with the two visitors, Ego changes his environment to one that the two visitors find familiar, and creating a Asgardian themed Avatar to show them around, as well as give them a […]

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