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March 14

Medusa vs. Emma Frost 💎 (Inhumans vs. X-Men)

  From: Inhumans vs. X-Men #5

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March 13

Emma Frost 💎and Dazzler ✨ vs. Black Bolt ⚡️

    From: Inhumans vs. X-Men #1

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May 14

The Incredible Hulk vs. The X-Men (World War Hulk)


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Marvel's Hip-Hop Variant cover February 04

Marvel’s Hip Hop Variant Covers

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Emma Frost December 29

Emma Frost tries to read The mind of the Black Panther. 

   From: Original Sin #4 of 8

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June 03

Marvel Comics: Top 5 Killer Queens

“She’s a Killer Queen, gunpowder, guillotine, dynamite with a laser beam, guaranteed to blow your mind!” – Freddie Mercury, Killer Queen 1974. A short list of some of the most dangerous women in the Marvel Universe…. The Killer Queens. Selene Gallio- The Black Queen Powers and Abilities  Life force absorption Psychic Vampire Superhuman Strength Superhuman […]

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April 14

Emma Frost turns off young Jean Grey’s powers.

On a training exercise in Madripoor, Emma Frost shuts off young Jean Grey’s powers to teach self reliance to the young X-Man…

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