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galactus tries to eat ego the living planet May 07

Can Galactus Eat Ego The Living Planet?

Galactus travels through space… The world devourer pauses when he detects the thoughts of a powerful creature and decides to seek out its source as his hunger is mounting once more. Taking a smaller craft, Galactus flies into the Black Galaxy and finds himself before Ego the Living Planet. While aboard the Rigellian flagship, Thor […]

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December 05

The Silver Surfer travels beyond the edge of the universe.

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Galactus talks to Death December 30

Galactus has a conversation with Death.

From: Fantastic Four Vol. 1 #257 (1983) Galactus has come to wonder if he is dying now as he stands before the Skrull throneworld. Once again he finds himself caught in the moral conundrum of consuming a world teeming with life in order to prologue his own existence. Retreating to the interior of his vessel […]

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Galactus devours the Skrull Throne World December 30

Galactus devours The Skrull Throne-World

From: Fantastic Four Vol. 1 #257 (1983) On the Skrull throneworld, Empress R’Klll chastises her subordinates for failing to erect the planetary screen that has been previously used to hide their world from Galactus in the past. However one of her aides tells him that there was no hiding their planet from Nova, who seemed […]

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Dazzler and Galactus August 29

Galactus sends Dazzler into a black hole. (Days of Future Past)

Galactus sends Dazzler into a black hole to retrieve his herald….

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June 26

Silver Surfer: The Herald of Galactus 

             Galactus.  The Destroyer of Worlds.  Driven by an unending hunger only fed by the unbridled energy of life sustaining planets.  Imagine a hunger that large. Try to imagine the mind that could process that unending, ceaseless need.  Or the conscience that could exist to snuff the spark of all living things.  I am […]

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Ultron vs. Galactus: Secret Wars (1984)

Don’t mess with Galactus. From Secret Wars (1984) 

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Galactus April 08

The Mighty Thor vs. Silver Surfer Part 2

Odin Gives Galactus Some Head.

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Thor vs. Silver Surfer April 07

The Mighty Thor vs. Silver Surfer

Something funny happened when Galactus came to town.

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