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hulk fights silver surfer planet hulk April 10

Incredible Hulk vs. Silver Surfer (Planet Hulk)

From: The Incredible Hulk v.3 #95 Bruce Banner has long seen his alter ego, The Incredible Hulk, as a threat to innocent life.  So when he saw the chance to use the Hulk’s strength for good, Banner accepted a mission from S.H.I.E.L.D. to destroy a rogue ssatellite.  But when the mission was complete, a group […]

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Planet Hulk Secret Wars May 22

Review – Planet Hulk #1 (Secret Wars Tie-In)

Originally posted on Kdub's Geekspot:
The march of the tie-ins continues with everyone’s favorite unstoppable green Goliath in Planet Hulk #1, but how well does it stand up to the rest of Marvel’s massive summer event?  Let’s find out. Planet Hulk by writer Sam Humphries and artist Marc Laming takes us to the Northernmost…

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