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img_3324 December 05

The Silver Surfer travels beyond the edge of the universe.

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hulk fights silver surfer planet hulk April 10

Incredible Hulk vs. Silver Surfer (Planet Hulk)

From: The Incredible Hulk v.3 #95 Bruce Banner has long seen his alter ego, The Incredible Hulk, as a threat to innocent life.  So when he saw the chance to use the Hulk’s strength for good, Banner accepted a mission from S.H.I.E.L.D. to destroy a rogue ssatellite.  But when the mission was complete, a group […]

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IMG_8600 August 06

The Silver Surfer Gives Mary Jane Watson Parker the Power Cosmic 


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IMG_8590 August 06

My Name Is Norrin Radd…


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IMG_7902 June 26

Silver Surfer: The Herald of Galactus 

             Galactus.  The Destroyer of Worlds.  Driven by an unending hunger only fed by the unbridled energy of life sustaining planets.  Imagine a hunger that large. Try to imagine the mind that could process that unending, ceaseless need.  Or the conscience that could exist to snuff the spark of all living things.  I am […]

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Galactus April 08

The Mighty Thor vs. Silver Surfer Part 2

Odin Gives Galactus Some Head.

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Thor vs. Silver Surfer April 07

The Mighty Thor vs. Silver Surfer

Something funny happened when Galactus came to town.

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