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November 20

Supergirl vs. Reign

From: Supergirl #5, 2012

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October 12

Review: Supergirl #2

Graphic Policy Supergirl #2 has all the ingredients of an intriguing teen superhero comic: twisted family drama, killer robots, punching, and of course, adolescent awkwardness. Writer Steve Orlando, artist Brian Ching, and colorist Michael Atiyeh give Supergirl quite the hard time as various men in her life keep telling her what’s best for her from […]

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Death of Superman May 27

The Death of Supeman (Final Days of Superman)


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December 09

[Review] Supergirl – S1 E07 – Human For A Day

Synopsis:  An earthquake leaves Kara helpless without her powers, as she attempts to help James and Winn.  The earthquake allows the alien Jemm to break out of his cell and face off against Alex and Hank.  Hank explains what happened to her father, Jeremiah Danvers and details about his own life. Supergirl is getting better. […]

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December 07

Supergirl & Powergirl vs. Appex


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November 28

Supergirl vs. living nanotech

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Supergirl review October 26

“Supergirl” EP & Cast Hype Action, Tease Exploration & Promise a Superman Revelation – Comic Book Resources

via “Supergirl” EP & Cast Hype Action, Tease Exploration & Promise a Superman Revelation – Comic Book Resources. Television audiences are about to meet a whole new type of hero, one that hopes to inspire future generations while fighting super villains and saving the day — actions she accomplishes with a smile on her face […]

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May 23

The Cosplay Runway 05/22/15 (All Supergirl Edition)

Originally posted on The Speech Bubble:
It is time once again for The Cosplay Runway. Each and every week I highlight five fantastic cosplay images with this edition being rather special as it will focus entirely on Supergirl due to the recent release of her first trailer of her new show. For the uninitiated, cosplay is “a…

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May 15

“That’s really super, Supergirl”

Originally posted on My Heart Explodes:
I am very excited for this! My comic book nerd friends – not so much. Well, that’s only because, apparently, they don’t like girls. They’d much rather watch Superman. Or Batman. Or Iron Man. Or Captain America… man. I’d rather watch girls. Really super girls, in fact. Supergirl stars…

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May 07

‘Supergirl’ Series Picked Up By CBS

Originally posted on We Geek Girls:
Superheroes are taking over TV!! CBS has picked up its ‘Supergirl’ pilot to series. The superhero drama starring Melissa Benoist as the titular role, will debut during the 2015-2016 TV season.   What do you guys think? Are you excited for the series? Based on the characters from DC Comics, the…

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supergirl vs. red hood May 03

Supergirl and The Red Hood team up. 

Supergirl meets the Red Hood for the first time and is taken aback by his abilities.

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power girl May 02

Supergirl, meet Powergirl.

Suffering from kryptonite poisoning, Supergirl meets an unexpected ally…

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Supergirl vs. Power Girl April 29

Supergirl uses science. 

Supergirl uses science to get out of a particularly hairy situation.

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Supergirl vs. The Flash April 16

The Flash vs. Supergirl 


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April 15

Supergirl leaves a destroyed Argo City for the last time. 

Supergirl leaves a destroyed Argo City for the last time.

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Supergirl vs. Wonder Woman April 15

Supergirl vs. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman vs. Supergirl

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Supergirl vs. Superman April 14

Superman vs. Supergirl

Supergirl vs. Superman

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