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batman v superman

That final Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer though!!!! (Edit:Wait! Darkseid??????) *see pics*

Who’s coming with me to see this day one?!?!?!?

EDIT: I was screen capping the trailer for a separate post and lo and behold on one of the caps what do I see?  The Greek symbol or Omega on the cap where Batman is standing on the mountainside.  We know that Darkseid shoots his Omega beams out of his eyes, so is Bats on Apokolips? Or is this still the Knightmare dream sequence? Take a look at all the screen caps and  tell me what you think! 




Kightmare Apokalips Batman v Superman Omega Darkseid

The Dark Knight on Apokolips?

Superman kryptonite

Superman vs. Salvaxe King of Barbarians!


Action Comics (2011-) 049-014

Action Comics (2011-) 049-015 Action Comics (2011-) 049-016 Action Comics (2011-) 049-017 Action Comics (2011-) 049-018

From: Action Comics #49 (2016)

Superman kryptonite

Superman uses kryptonite to burn away his poisoned cells.

Superman kryptonite

Action Comics (2011-) 049-007

From: Action Comics #49 (2016)