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March 14

Jean Grey vs. Karnak 👊🏽 (Inhumans vs. X-Men)

  From: Inhumans vs. X-Men #3

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Marvel's Hip-Hop Variant cover February 04

Marvel’s Hip Hop Variant Covers

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Hulk vs. Karnak January 17

How strong is the Hulk? Hulk is able to withstand a blow from Karnak of the Inhumans. (Hulk vs. Karnak)

Seeing the Inhumans under attack by the NYPD, Bruce Banner transforms into the Incredible Hulk in order to lend a hand.  The Inhumans seeing The Hulk as their opportunity to show the world that they are not a threat attempt to subdue the jade giant and “save” the city.  They get more than they bargain […]

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October 23

Karnak of the Inhumans finds the fault in all things. 

Karnak #1 Karnak has the extrasensory ability to sense a weak point in any object or person around him. By applying pressure or hitting the weak points, he can down enemies stronger than him, or break seemingly invincible objects. Because of his discipline with martial arts, this sense is effortless and can use it for […]

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June 04

Karnak details the rise of The Inhumans 


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