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Jane Foster Gwenpool May 11

Thor vs. Gwenpool?

          From: The Unbelievable Gwenpool #2 (2016)

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img_0116 March 16

Thor (Jane Foster) vs. Odin (The Mighty Thor #5, 2016)

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img_0115 March 16

The Mighty Thor vs Firelord (The Mighty Thor #246, 1976)


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img_0100-1 March 15

Loki kills Frejya (The Mighty Thor #5)


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jane foster thor 2 mjolnir February 24

The Mighty Thor (dual wielding Mjolnir) & The All New Avengers vs. Kang

From: All New Avengers #6

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All new all different avengers thor kisses captain america January 27

Sam Wilson kisses The Mighty Thor

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img_9383 December 16

Thor (Jane Foster)vs. Cul (The Mighty Thor #2)


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IMG_9102 November 18

REVIEW: The Mighty Thor #1 – This part never gets old. 

Dr. Jane Foster is dying of cancer. She is also The Mighty Thor; transforming into the God of Thunder when she picks up the enchanted mallet Mjolnir! When she transforms into The Mighty Thor, all toxins and illnesses are purged from her Asgardian body because gods do not succumb to the frailties of man. When her […]

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IMG_7099 May 13

Thor: The Woman Behind the Mask (spoilers)

A new Thor has risen.

After Thor Odinson found himself no longer worth of wielding Mjolnir, a mysterious woman was able to lift the enchanted hammer and became the new Goddess of Thunder!

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