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Rogues Gallery of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

From our new best friends murdockmanila at  I present an infographic on the Rogues Gallery of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This super detailed infographic breaks down all the major and minor threats in the MCU, from the movies, the Netflix and TV shows, right down to the One-Shots! Enjoy!    

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March 15

The Unworthy Thor vs. Black Swan, Proxima Midnight and The Collector (The Unworthy Thor)

Ahh it feels good to be posting about The Odinson once again. Thor and Beta Ray Bill are my two favorite characters in the Marvel Universe and I’m glad they are reunited in The Unworthy Thor. For those who haven’t been following, The Unworthy Thor picks up after the death of The Watcher and the […]

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May 16

3 times Mjolnir has been broken. 

1.  Thor vs. The Destroyer  From Journey Into Mystery #118 A pissed off Destroyer fires a blast that slices a large chunk off Mjolnir.

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