Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur #3

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur meet the Hulk

Moon Girl

Lunella Lafayette is a brilliant little girl living on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Her fellow students at Public School 20 Anna Silver frequently mocked her and called her names like “Moon Girl”, because her superior intellect often caused her to daydream.
Through her studies, Lunella became obsessed with the Kree and eventually built a device designed to uncover Kree technology, which she used to find an Omni-Wave Projector hidden beneath the Brooklyn Bridge in the Financial District. Elsewhere, long ago in Earth-78411, a Killer-Folk named Thorn-Teeth was also revealed to be in possession of an Oni-Wave Projector they called the Nightstone. When one of Lunella’s teachers, Coach Hrbek, accidentally activated Lunella’s device, it opened a portal across space and time from Dinosaur World to Earth-616, allowing the Killer-Folk to cross over into present day New York City. Devil Dinosaur followed, looking to avenge the death of his longtime companion Moon-Boy at the hands of Thorn-Teeth’s tribe.
The dinosaur clenched the strap of Lunella’s backpack in his teeth, but she was able to utilize a remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicle therein to lure him away from the pursing NYPD. Eventually leading Devil Dinosaur to a secluded part of the Lower East Side, she explained to him that she needed the Oni-Wave Projector because she had discovered that she was actually a Human/Inhuman hybrid, and she believed that the Kree technology was the key to protecting her from the cloud of Terrigen Mist circling the planet, and that if she could only study it further, then she would be able to prevent her latent Inhuman DNA from forcing change upon her through Terrigenesis, something she was terrified of. Instructing Devil Dinosaur to stay put, she set off to do just that; however she was captured by the Killer-Folk, who claimed her Oni-Wave Projector as their own, shortly thereafter.

Devil Dinosaur

Devil is a dinosaur from “Dinosaur World“, or Earth-78411, a primitive Earth-like reality (or past).  Back in 1972, DC tried, and failed, to get the rights to publish a series based on the Planet of the Apes movies. Publisher Carmine Infantino turned to his star artist, Jack Kirby, and asked him to come up with something similar. Kirby’s response was Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth. In that series, Kamandi is a youth wandering a devastated future Earth where all animals are intelligent and have the power of speech lording it over the poor down-trodden humans.
Kirby left DC in 1975 to return to Marvel. After he’d been there a couple of years, Marvel heard that an animation studio were looking into the possibility of producing a Saturday-morning cartoon show based on Kamandi. Liking the idea of having their own property to exploit and looking to one-up their competitor, Marvel asked Kirby to come up with something similar banking on the popularity of dinosaurs with younger children. The series only ran nine months and the cartoon show never went into production. What did go into production was Hanna-Barbera’s animated series, Valley of the Dinosaurs, which featured a very young Jackie Earle Haley as the voice of Greg Butler but only ran for four months and a total of sixteen episodes, so maybe it was for the best.

The young Devil Dinosaur was nearly burned to death by a tribe of Killer-Folk, hostile beings native to his planet, but was rescued by Moon Boy, a young member of a rival tribe, the Small-Folk. Exposure to the Killer-folk’s fire activated a mutation in the dinosaur which gave him powers greater than others of his species and turned his skin from olive green to flame red. Devil Dinosaur was fiercely loyal to his constant companion Moon-Boy and seemed more intelligent than the average dinosaur.


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