REVIEW Jessica Jones S1E1: AKA Ladies Night


Jessica Jones is finally on Netflix and it’s one of the best things on TV.

I’m going to briefly review all 13 episodes pointing out some cool things I noticed, nods to the MCU and in Lowbrowcomics fashion, nods to the classic Marvel Tales featuring our heroes and villains.

Episode 1 – Ladies Night

One of the first things I noticed is that the music is done by Sean Callery.  Sean Callery composed the music for 24 (one of the greatest shows in television history) , Bones and Medium.  The music is mostly a low throbbing baseline, mixed with some light piano and mild synth tones. It never gets in the way and gives the show a old school detective noir vibe.

The synopsis of episode 1 is that Jessica is hired by the parents of a missing NYU student and track star.  After doing some research and detective work, Jessica realizes that the girl was “kidnapped” by Zebediah Kilgrave also known as The Purple Man.

Although never explicitly called the Purple Man and never fully seen in this episode except in a violet hued shadowy visage, Kilgrave appears in Jessica’s memories as flashbacks, ghostly after images and sometimes full on hallucinations capable of licking her face.  Ew.

In this episode we are introduced to Jessica’s best friend Patricia Walker.  Trish is a successful star of her own radio show, “Trish Talks”.  Trish has no powers of her own save for exceptionally deep pockets, dedication to the practice of Krav Maga, extreme patience for Jessica’s antics and requests for money despite not seeing her for the past six months.  We find out that Trish was apparently aware that Jessica was under the control of the Kilgrave in the past.

During her investigation Jessica meets local bar owner Luke Cage.  The term (insert air quotes here) “investigation” could be used very liberally because Jess is being a straight up  creeper by sitting on a fire escape across the street and taking pictures of Luke exiting his bar and entering his apartment with a big booty bar patron.


1970’s era Luke Cage aka Power Man

Curiously missing his 1980’s trademark tiara/jheri curl, gigantic chain link belt and golden silk shirt, Luke invites Jessica into his bar, telling her that tonight is “Ladies Night”.  They flirt a bit and i’ll let you guess what happens next.

Sweet Christmas, this isn’t your mom’s Luke Cage.  And thank goodness too. This is the current bald headed, goatee wearing bad ass version of the Harlem hero for hire, with a slightly altered backstory that is slowly unraveling as the show continues.

At the end, Jessica manages to find the girl return and return her to her parents.  As the episode is closing, something so shocking happens that sets the tone for the rest of the series (as well as jump start the plot with a bang) that I dare not spoil it here.  Just know that I was sitting there with my jaw on the floor as Netflix surreptitiously counted down to episode 2.  You just have to see it for yourself.

Man o man what a start….

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