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From: Suicide Squad vs. Justice League


File this one under “interesting concept”.

According to Syfy, Krypton “will follow Superman’s grandfather – whose House of El was ostracized and shamed – as he fights to redeem his family’s honor and save his beloved world from chaos.”

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice co-writer David S. Goyer will executive produce Krypton under his Phantom Four banner. Goyer also wrote the pilot alongside Ian Goldberg, who previously worked as a producer on Once Upon a Time and a writer on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Krypton will take place 200 years before the opening of Man of Steel. He went on to say while “it won’t be wall-to-wall visual effects every single moment” like Man of Steel, the show will “be digging into the characters and culture a lot more.

Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El: Superman’s grandfather and Jor-El’s father; athletic, quietly confident, and in his 20s. A younger version of the “grumpier” character from the comics.

Georgina Campbell as Lyta Zod: A reluctant cadet and warrior in the Kryptonian military, in a clandestine, forbidden relationship with Seg-El.

Ian McElhinney as Val-El: Seg’s grandfather, who defied death by going to the Phantom Zone and is a staunch believer in space exploration.[2][5]

Elliot Cowan as Daron-Vex: The chief magistrate of Kandor, charged with defending Krypton’s oligarchy.

Ann Ogbomo as Alura Zod: The Primus of the Kryptonian military guild and mother of Lyta. Alura shares her first name with Alura Zor-El, the mother of Supergirl.

Rasmus Hardiker as Kem: An engineer and Seg’s best friend.

Wallis Day as Nyssa-Vex: A junior magistrate and the daughter of Daron-Vex.

Aaron Pierre as Dev-Em: A “chiseled, twenty-something bad boy”.

From: Superman #32

From: Wonder Woman Annual #1 (Rebirth) (2017)

Writer – Greg Rucka

Artist – Nicola Scott

Letters – Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Letters – Jodi Wayne

Review: Supergirl #2

Graphic Policy

supergirl2fiSupergirl #2 has all the ingredients of an intriguing teen superhero comic: twisted family drama, killer robots, punching, and of course, adolescent awkwardness. Writer Steve Orlando, artist Brian Ching, and colorist Michael Atiyeh give Supergirl quite the hard time as various men in her life keep telling her what’s best for her from Cyborg Superman saying that he’s her dad Zor-El to her classmate, Ben Rubel, interrupting her and getting a spot as one of Cat Grant’s Young Innovators. In light of a male presidential candidate interrupting a female presidential candidate multiple times and still complaining about not having equal time, the events of Supergirl #2 are very relevant as Orlando simultaneously explores the tragedy of Krypton’s destruction and the cutthroat world of new media.

Speaking of media, Orlando and Ching’s take on Cat Grant is fantastic as they start to build her arc as a journalist who wants to…

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Superman vs. Lobo

Superman vs. Lobo


Superman vs. Lobo


Superman vs. Lobo


Superman vs. Lobo


Superman vs. Lobo


Superman vs. Lobo



Superman vs. Lobo


Superman vs. Lobo


Superman vs. Lobo


Superman vs. Lobo


Superman vs. Lobo


Superman vs. Lobo


Superman vs. Lobo


Superman vs. Lobo

From:  Superman: American Alien #7 (2016)

Writer – Max Landis

Artist – Jock

Colorist – Lee Loughridge

superman wonder woman the final days of superman

Superman and Wonder Woman vs. Solar Superman (The Final Days of Superman)

superman wonder woman the final days of superman

superman wonder woman the final days of superman


superman wonder woman the final days of superman


superman wonder woman the final days of superman


superman wonder woman the final days of superman


superman wonder woman the final days of superman


superman wonder woman the final days of superman


superman wonder woman the final days of superman


Continued here…

From: Superman/Wonder Woman Part #7; Part 7 Fire Line (2016)

Writer –  Peter J. Tomasi

Artist – Jorge Jimenez

Colorist – Alejandro Sanchez



Death of Superman

The Death of Supeman (Final Days of Superman)

Death of Superman


Death of Superman



Death of Superman


Death of Superman


Death of Superman




From: Batman/Superman #31

Batman vs. Superman The Dark Knight Strikes Again Frank Miller Batman vs. Superman The Dark Knight Strikes Again Frank Miller Batman vs. Superman The Dark Knight Strikes Again Frank Miller Batman vs. Superman The Dark Knight Strikes Again Frank Miller Batman vs. Superman The Dark Knight Strikes Again Frank Miller Batman vs. Superman The Dark Knight Strikes Again Frank Miller Batman vs. Superman The Dark Knight Strikes Again Frank Miller

Batman feats

Batman Feats: Batman can sense when he is being watched. ON THE MOON.

Batman-Superman (2013-) 028-018 Batman-Superman (2013-) 028-019 Batman-Superman (2013-) 028-020

While investigate the strange appearance of a giant space explorer who crashed on the moon, Bruce somehow notices a minuscule spy drone watching them.  Notice that he ‘feels’ its presence through the vacuum of space and beyond his space suit before he actually sees it.

From: Batman & Superman #28 (2015)

Superman joins Sinestro corps

Superman is drafted into the Sinestro Corps. 


DC vs. Marvel: Superman vs. The Hulk


DC vs. Marvel Comics (issues #2–3 titled Marvel Comics vs. DC) was a comic book limited series crossover published by DC Comics (Detective Comics) and Marvel Comics from April to May 1996. The series was written by Ron Marz and Peter David, with art by Dan Jurgens and Claudio Castellini.

Two godly brothers who personify the DC and Marvel Universes become aware of the other’s existence, and challenge one another to a series of duels involving each universe’s respective superheroes. The losing universe would cease to exist. The story had an “out of universe” component in that, although there were eleven primary battles, five outcomes were determined by fan vote.

The six preliminary battles were:

  1. Aquaman (DC) vs. Namor (Marvel).
  2. Elektra (Marvel) vs. Catwoman (DC).
  3. Flash (DC) vs. Quicksilver (Marvel).
  4. Robin (DC) vs. Jubilee (Marvel).
  5. Silver Surfer (Marvel) vs. Green Lantern (DC).
  6. Thor (Marvel) vs. Captain Marvel (DC).

There were five battles in which the outcomes were determined by the votes of fans:

  1. Superman (DC) vs. Hulk (Marvel).
  2. Spider-Man (Marvel) vs. Superboy (DC).
  3. Batman (DC) vs. Captain America (Marvel).
  4. Wolverine (Marvel) vs. Lobo (DC).
  5. Wonder Woman (DC) vs. Storm.

Each side attained three victories in the preliminary battles and five battles were decided by fan vote, of which Marvel came out ahead with 3 wins to DC’s 2.

However, the storyline does not show one side as being victorious. As part of a last-ditch effort to save their worlds, the Spectre and the Living Tribunal were able to briefly force the “brothers” to resolve the situation by temporarily creating a new universe, called the Amalgam Universe, which is occupied by merged versions of many of the heroes (such as Dark Claw, a merging of the characters Batman and Wolverine).

An inter-dimensional character called Access eventually managed to restore the universes to their normal state with the aid of Batman and Captain America. The presence of the two heroes (essentially serving as the brothers in miniature, each being unique among their peers) forced the brothers to recognize how petty their disagreement truly was.

Superman - Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman V Superman – NEW POSTERS



Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice posters Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice posters Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice posters

[Review] Supergirl – S1 E07 – Human For A Day

Synopsis:  An earthquake leaves Kara helpless without her powers, as she attempts to help James and Winn.  The earthquake allows the alien Jemm to break out of his cell and face off against Alex and Hank.  Hank explains what happened to her father, Jeremiah Danvers and details about his own life.

Supergirl is getting better.

This week shows us a depowered girl of steel who is struggling with her fleeting mortality.  In the last episode, “Red Faced”, Kara uses her solar flare ability to destroy the military’s rouge “Red Tornado” combat cyborg.


Supergirl’s Solar Flare Ability

The “Solar Flare” is a fairly new ability to both Superman and Supergirl.  It is an immediate and violent expulsion of all the stored solar energy in the Kryptonian cells.  The flare is released in one big burst leaving the Kryptonian, as Maxwell Lord says in this episode, “a dead battery”.  Following the use of the flare ability, Superman/Supergirl are rendered “human” for a period of  48 hours (or less, depending on how much energy was expended).  Until their cells can restock their spent solar energy, they are susceptible to sickness, injury, hunger and even death.  They can even get drunk. (see below)


This is the position we find Supergirl in from the beginning of the episode.  She’s not drunk, but she does have the sniffles, the ouchies, the sneezy-poo’s and is an overall sad sack.

Back at Mother Base, excuse me, DEO HQ, Hank and Alex are beginning the containment unit scrub down procedure of a particularly nasty baddie, Jemm.  In addition to looking like the world’s biggest asshat, Jemm can also control minds.  I think I’m just gonna call him Asshat from now on.

supergirl jemm

I came to clean your cell Asshat.


Just before the cell scrub down can start an earthquake rocks National City, cracking streets, destroying buildings and sending people into a panic.  In the ensuing panic, Kara breaks her arm after being shoved out of the way by James Olsen, who then uses the opportunity to de-shirt himself in the most awkward manner possible to make a sling.  I literally laughed out loud at that part and my fiancé, who was in another room across the hall NOT watching Supergirl called out, “Somebody just took off their shirt didn’t they?  Your laugh had a ‘B’ in front of it.”  (Translation: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH)  I know they are trying to turn Mechad Brooks into a teen heartthrob to maintain ratings, but this was so forced, awkward and predictable, I wouldn’t have been surprised if they started making out right there in the middle of the disaster.  They did it in Man of Steel right?  I did say this show is getting better didn’t I?


Yes I did.  And it is.

It’s getting better because in this episode we see Kara actually become a hero and do it not by punching something until it breaks.  She’s unable to use her powers to save a man with massive internal bleeding and experiences human frailty and mortality up close.  She breaks up an attempted armed robbery despite being depowered, having a broken arm and  a gun shoved in her face. Supergirl talks the robber out of shooting up the place using the power of her personality, big giant ‘S’ on her chest and a not-so-veiled threat that she could take the guy out in “20 different ways”.  It is entirely possible that she was successful because nobody wants to shoot a hot blonde in the face, but hey, I’ll take some character development over none at all.


Back at Mother Base, Asshat is running amok and Henshaw is in pursuit. The next few beats are standard action movie fare: Alex watches the assault teams sweep the compound/first person body cameras crackle out/life signs go dead (see: Aliens, Jurassic World) / Alex disobeys orders and follows Henshaw/Alex gets her partner either killed or mind-boned by Jemm/ Alex corners Henshaw in a server room.

In the server room with Henshaw, instead of formulating a plan to FIRST stop Asshat from mind-boning the entire place, Alex chains him to a blinky machine and tries to force him at gunpoint to tell the truth about her father.  Unsatisfied by his answers, Alex runs out of the room, turns into Jack Bauer and guns down Jemm.  No seriously, she finds this dude and SHOTGUNS HIM RIGHT IN HIS STUPID ALIEN FACE.  Right before Alex can capture Asshat, he turns the tables and slaps the shit out of her knocking her across the room.

Right at that moment Henshaw drops in, snaps Asshat’s neck, thus saving the day.

Then the show drops the bomb.

Henshaw reveals that he is not actually Hank Henshaw and that the real man died the same day as Alex’s father.  He says that Jeremiah Danvers and Hank Henshaw were perusing an alien being and had him cornered somewhere in Peru.  Henshaw attempted to kill the alien but Danvers intervened instead getting himself killed. The alien killed Hank Henshaw and then made a vow to the dying Danvers that he would watch out for and protect his children, both Alex and Kara as if they are his own.  He says that he is the last surviving member of a race of people from the planet Mars and reveals his true name and visage:

J’onn J’onzz

image Supergirl Martian Manhunter



There you have it folks!  We now live in a world where a live action Martian Manhunter is on TV.

Told ya, this show is getting good.


I give this episode 4/5 Martian Manhunters!



Supergirl review


DCE_Supergirl INT v01_r01.indd

CBS’s Supergirl finally joins the smattering of superhero related TV shows this fall, but is it any good?  CBS has been hyping this show for what seems like an eternity and it finally took flight last night.  So let’s get a brief overview before hopping into the GOOD, BAD and the Meh…

First we are shown a very short origin of Kara Zor-El’s (Melissa Benoist) escape from the doomed planet Krypton minutes before it explodes.  It is explained by Kara’s mother Alura that she is being sent to Earth protect her younger cousin Kal-El (do I really need to explain who this is?).  Her capsule gets trapped in the Phantom Zone for a period of time before finally escaping and landing on Earth years after Kal has reached our planet.  When Kara finally arrives she hasn’t aged a day and Kal has already become ‘The Man of Steel’.


The Man of Steel’s shadow looms large over this series. Literally and figuratively.

She is taken by Superman to live with foster parents, Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers, played by Dean Cain and MY original Supergirl, Helen Slater and their daughter Alex (Chyler Leigh). Kara explains via voice over that she was brought there by Kal to receive the same type of wholesome upbringing he had upon his arrival.  Kara, now using the surname “Danvers”, grows into a 24 year old young adult living and working in National City as an under appreciated gofer at a multimedia conglomerate run by Cat Grant, played by Calista Flockheart who is doing her best to channel Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada.   And this is where our story and review begin.


  • Melissa plays a great Supergirl with just the right amount of pluckiness, charisma, optimism and she looks damn good in the costume.

    Supergirl cbs review

    THE costume.

  • The sets, lighting and camera work in the “talky” parts are top notch and you can tell most of the production is spent here. (We’ll get to the special effects in a bit)
  • I love that Helen Slater in as Kara’s adoptive mother in this series. I had a poster of her on my bedroom wall in the Supergirl costume back in 1984, so admittedly I’m a little biased.
  • The episode was rather light and airy as there didn’t seem to be a heavy cloud of dread hanging over the show. Benoist has a lot to do with this; her happy-go-lucky, always smiling character interpretation definitely sets the tone of the show. Something I hope they keep up without getting overly chintzy during the life of the show.

The BAD.

  • The writing is… well… Ugh. It’s bad.  No really. It’s not good at all.  It’s not quite CW level bad but it’s pretty damn close.  The show whizzes through the opening backstory, which is ok because her backstory is so similar to Superman’s that we don’t really need to trudge through that again, but her transition from Kara Danvers to a full on cape wearing, plane saving, faster than a speeding bullet(proof) crime fighter is so swift it’s blow past you in a red and blue blur.  In the span of 30 minutes she goes from, “Not having flown in years!” to battling an escaped Kryptonian convict with no combat training whatsoever.  It makes the development period (i.e. the time in-between action scenes) purely perfunctory and unsatisfying.


    The Department of Extra-Normal Operations

  • Still in the writing department, the show introduces two separate love interests in the first half hour. Jimmy, excuse me, James Olsen (yes that very same Olsen fellow from Metropolis; who apparently has personal relationship with Big Blue himself) played by Mehcad Brooks and Winslow “Winn” Schott, Jr., played by Jeremy Jordan.  Kara spends her onscreen time with Olsen making googly eyes at him and fumbling over her words, while Winn spends his onscreen time with Kara outfitting her in her new duds and telling her how pretty she looks without her glasses on.  Barf.

The MEH.

supergirl heat vision

Supergirl uses her heat vision for the first time.

  • The special effects range from excellent (for a TV show) to just plain bad. In the promo trailers, we see a scene when Kara is saving a plane from crashing, stopping a semi by letting it crash into her, heat vision and general shots of her flying around the city… Well, that’s the triple A stuff right there folks.  The cuts in-between, getting punched through a wall, a high speed flying jump kick and some of the battle with the Kryptonian criminal are not handled so deftly.  There are quick cuts, (very) obvious camera tricks and some animation errors (missing frames of digital Supergirl as she gets knocked through walls) that can ruin the illusion if you’re a nerd like me and look for such things.

Final Thoughts

Supergirl cbs

Any crash you can walk away from…

So far the GOOD outweighs the BAD and the MEH.  I tried to not spoil the main elements of the show like how and why the Kryptonian criminal is on Earth, who he is working for and their motivation is because I do believe the show is worth a watch and we will cover more of that as the season goes on and in subsequent reviews.

For a show that is and was so heavily marketed, it got off to a pretty shaky start.  However, in the spirit of fairness, a lot of great shows have gotten off to a shaky start and a lot of shows have gotten off to a strong start only to fizzle out in less than three seasons.

If DC and WB want this show to succeed and have a long and glorious life span, they are going to seriously need to tone up their writing and sharpen the animation during the more frenetic action sequences.  If they do that Supergirl will certainly be a long term success.

Hope you like the review, leave a comment below and let me know what you thought of the pilot episode and join me next week when I review Supergirl Episode 2 – “Stronger Together”.

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Supergirl Ep. 1 – “Pilot” FINAL RATING (out of 5)


Groot #1 – Why Superman is not in the Marvel Universe. 

After leaving his homeworld to explore the galaxy, GROOT joined a band of ragtag adventurers calling themselves THE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

Groot has convinced his best pal and fellow guardian, ROCKET RACCOON, to take an intergalactic roadtrip.

…They’re off to a bit of a rough start.
groot meets superman  groot meets superman

spiderman vs. batman

Marvel VS DC in this New Animated Fan Film – World of Superheroes | The Home of Comic Heroes


via Marvel VS DC in this New Animated Fan Film – World of Superheroes | The Home of Comic Heroes.

I came across this pretty cool animated fan film on Reddit this morning. This amateur film maker made a pretty convincing “What If” film that pits most of the major players in the Marvel and DC universes against each other. Quality work!  I’m now a subscriber. I hope to see much, much more from Saruhan Saral  in the future!!

From the YouTube video description:

Published on Apr 21, 2015

All the Visuals and Animation by Saruhan Saral, created using Blender and After Effects

This is my first short film project. I started in February 2015 and it took me 3 months to finish the whole thing. This is not a commercial but a personal project and I’m not affiliated with any company(i.e. I don’t earn any money from this).

I didn’t model any of the characters,they are from the video games of these 2 companies but I did the rigging then animated the shots. I then used Adobe After Effects and Premiere for composition. Most voice clips are from the video games, mostly from Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Sound Effects were edited in Audacity.

Hope you enjoy!

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Soundtracks In Order;

Ninja Tracks – Exposure
Really Slow Motion – Shredder
The Hit House – Basalt
Hi-Finesse – Millennia
Hi Finesse – Odyssey
Hi-Finesse – Downfall

My Other Works;

Hulk vs. Police: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDYfv…

Black Spider-Man Animation Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sr43A…

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‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ – Check Out The Wonder Woman, Batsuit, Bat Armor, and Batwing Promo Art

Official-Logo-for-Batman-vs-Superman-MovieHere are some promo art of Wonder Woman wearing her cape, Ben Affleck’s Batsuit and Bat Armor, and the new Batwing in Zack Snyder’s ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.’ 

What do you guys think?

Batman v Superman_Dawn of Justice_Wonder Woman2

Directed by Zack Snyder. Cast includes Henry Cavill (Clark Kent/Superman), Ben Affleck (Batman), Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Diane Lane (Martha Kent), Laurence Fishburne (Perry White), Gal Gadot (Diana Prince/Wonder Woman), Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Jesse Eisenberg (Lex Luthor), Jeremy Irons (Alfred Pennyworth), Ray Fisher (Cyborg), Holly Hunter, Callan Mulvey, and Tao Okamoto.

‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ is set for release on May 6th 2016.

[Courtesy of El Mayimbe]

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Man of Steel

What if Man of Steel was in color?

Stills from BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE official trailer!

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Worst Comic Comics: 2015/04/08 – Baseball & Comics Part 1


Baseball is back and there is no better way to mark Opening Week at Worst Comic Comics than with a celebration of comic book superheroes playing baseball! This week we hit the senior circuit with the classic DC Lineup taking the field. PLAY BALL!

Comic Comics 0021 - 0030_2

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Lex Luthor is a Jerk to California


A genius known only as Nick Acosta spliced together footage from the original Superman movie with the trailer for the upcoming San Andreas movie. They go together flawlessly – at least if you hold this video to the standards of 1978 special effects. I think I actually liked this trailer more than I liked all of Man of Steel.


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